Best Countertop Materials to Consider for Your Kitchen


White kitchen counter

If you’ve fallen in love with the floor plan for a single-family home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, it’s time for the fun to begin. With a new build, you get to select the details that bring out your unique personality and design flair. Many new homeowners start the design journey in the kitchen. When you choose the countertop materials for your new home, think durability first, beauty second. A hardworking kitchen countertop is a must, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice aesthetics. Read today’s post for help selecting the best kitchen countertop materials.

Granite Remains the Preferred Choice

It’s hard to imagine a design trend that has stood the test of time as well as granite. Granite still tops the charts as the first choice for kitchen countertops. Homeowners love granite for several reasons. Granite is a tough customer when it comes to durability. It’s crack- and chip-resistant, which is essential in the kitchen. If you forget and set a hot pan on it, you won’t scorch the countertop. For families with children, granite offers a stain-resistant solution. Unlike most other countertop surfaces, granite is a 100% natural material. Combine that feature with the fact that you don’t need chemicals to clean it, and granite is an environmentally friendly option. As far as beauty goes, the best homebuilders know granite fits in with every design style. It comes in hundreds of colors that fit virtually every design preference. You’ll find slabs with dramatic colors and veining, slabs in softer hues, and if you prefer less drama, you can select one of the many white granite options available.

Quartz Ranks High for Durability and Looks

If you prefer a man-made countertop material, quartz compares with the beauty of granite but may beat granite in durability. Engineered by combining natural crushed quartz with polymers, pigments, and resins, quartz makes a hard, granite-like countertop surface. Like granite, quartz is scratch-, chip-, and stain-resistant. It also forgives when you set a hot pot down on it. Unlike granite, quartz doesn’t require routine sealing. Quartz comes in an eye-bending array of colors and patterns. Because it’s man-made, quartz manufacturers have more control over consistency in appearance and color. Quartz fits in any style of kitchen!

Introducing Crushed Glass

With so much focus on eco-friendly homes today, we couldn’t resist including a countertop material sourced from recycled glass. Crushed glass countertops haven’t been around nearly as long as quartz or granite, but they do compare well for looks and durability. If you’re wondering where all of those bottles, cracked windshields, and broken traffic lights end up, look no further than the kitchen. If you select crushed glass, you can choose from two styles. One uses an acrylic base and makes the glass look like it’s floating in water. The other, cement, makes a beautiful backdrop for a glimmering mosaic. Crushed glass counters easily compete with other durable materials.

Any of the countertop materials we’ve covered would make a stunning kitchen in any of the homes for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. Here at Lancia Homes, we love helping clients select their favorite kitchen countertops and other details to make a house a home. Contact us today, and let’s turn your vision into reality.