Adding Insulated Concrete Forms in Your Home


Pouring concrete for home foundation

When looking at homes for sale in Allen County, IN, many people realize that they want a custom-built home. After all, this is one way to make your vision for your dream home come true. There are a lot of different features and amenities to think about with new home design, but insulated concrete forms are one of the most popular. With the right insulated concrete, you can achieve remarkable energy-efficiency in your home. Here’s everything else you need to know about adding insulated concrete forms into your home.

Innovative Insulation Solution

First, it’s important to understand what insulated concrete is and how it can give your home a big boost. This is a wall-building material, and an alternative to traditional wooden frames often used in the housing industry. More and more homes for sale are incorporating insulated concrete to improve energy efficiency and enhance the structure. Typically, concrete is poured into wooden frames, and once the concrete dries the frames are removed. From there, the concrete forms provide a thick layer of insulation for the home. Permanent insulated concrete form blocks can be stacked and interlinked to create foundations, walls, and ceilings for your new home.

Big Benefits of Insulated Concrete

The best multi-family home for sale with insulated concrete is a great example of why this modern building technique is so worthwhile. Not only does the use of insulated concrete forms speed up the building process compared to traditional timber frames, but it’s also a fire-resistant alternative. Non-combustible insulated concrete forms can shave a couple of months off of the exterior and interior construction time while setting your family up for a lifetime of safe and secure living.

The insulated concrete walls can’t catch fire, so even if flames do break out, they will be stopped by your exterior walls. In the event of a fire, the damage can be kept to a minimum and the concrete should stop the flames from jumping to neighboring properties. Considering how the current cost of insulated concrete forms is very competitive with timber framing, it’s a logical option that’s also affordable.

Concrete in mold for home

Protection for the Future

When viewing a single-family home for sale, you want to think about both your short-term and long-term goals. If you want to live in your next house for the rest of your life, or you want to make a smart investment that your family can benefit from as well, insulated concrete is an intelligent choice. These homes are meant to last for well over 100 years, because of their breakthrough building solutions that make them nearly impenetrable. Yes, the fire risk of a home with insulated concrete is very low, but the same can be said for other natural disasters like floods and tornadoes. Insulated concrete makes your home structure extremely tough and durable, no matter what the future may bring.

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