15 Wall Décor Ideas


The décor in your home is a personal expression of who you are, what your style is, and the things that matter most to you. While there are myriad ways to create an aesthetic in your home, interior wall design is one of the best. 

If you need some helpful interior wall design inspiration, keep reading. Whether you're looking for elegant living room wall décor ideas or simple wall art, we have 15 great wall décor ideas for you.

1. Abstract Artwork

Abstract artwork is a great way to tie your room together. Abstract art offers freedom of color and design, and by incorporating it into your interior wall design, you open up the design possibilities for the rest of the room.

2. Sentimental Décor

Sentimental décor is perfect because of its versatility. You can opt for simple wall art, hanging only black and white photos of your family or hang photos that capture meaningful memories. You can also make sentimental décor a bigger focus by hanging shelves and lining them with sentimental photos and objects.

3. Hanging Plants

At the start of the year, we talked about how this year, décor trends are all about sustainability and earthy tones. What better way to incorporate both themes into your interior wall design?  Use repurposed wood shelves as a piece of sustainable hanging décor and then use them to display some of your favorite plants.

4. Assorted Frame Décor

Assorted frames are a fun and quirky way to decorate your walls. You can get frames that vary in size and color to create a fun aesthetic for any room in your home.

5. Feature Print Wall

A feature print wall is a fun way to incorporate a theme into your room. Establish a theme, make prints of the photos that fit into it, and voila! You have a feature print wall.

6. Woven Baskets

When it comes to hanging décor, woven baskets are a hot trend. Find baskets in different color tones or neutral tones and in different sizes, shapes, and textures, and then hang them all together to create a focal point on any wall.

7. Gallery Shelves

Gallery shelves are a great way to decorate your walls and give you more storage space. Use them to display your favorite trinkets, photos, plants, or books.

8. Displates

Displates are posters made from metal. You can customize them or shop from existing collections online to add some unique flair to your home.

9. Wall Mirrors

One of the best ideas for simple wall art is to hang mirrors. Hang one for a more polished look or hang a variety for a unique, vintage feel.

10. LED Light Wall Art

Artwork incorporating LED lights is another fun trend. It creates a unique feeling in your home and can — literally — brighten up any space.

11. Statement Piece

When it comes to elegant living room wall décor ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is statement art. A piece of statement art is typically oversized and hangs on the wall alone, serving as the focal point of a room.

12. Macrame Art

We love macrame hanging décor for interior wall design because it can be simple or complex; whatever you want it to be. It also comes in varying colors, shapes, and sizes.

13. Hang Your Headwear

This is a great idea for a bedroom or guest room. If you own several hats, make a mural of them on your wall and let them serve as both a fashion accessory and an art statement.

14. Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls are fun ways to draw attention to one wall in any room. You can make an accent wall by painting it a bold color, using wood panels to create a geometric design, or hanging a fun wallpaper. 

15. Paint a Mural

Get creative and paint your own mural in one of your rooms! The best part about painting your own mural is that you have complete creative control and can change it whenever you want to.


Finding new décor is a great way to elevate your home from just a place where you live to one that really feels like you. If you’re ready to redecorate and want to talk to our team of design experts, contact us today!