10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal

Outside of modern home

Are you interested in curb appeal that adds instant value to your house? Are you wondering how to add depth to a flat front house? These curb upgrade ideas are the effective solutions you need – take a look and see what front-home upgrades will work best with your plans.

1. Make Sure the Roof is Clean and Stain-Free

When potential buyers pull up to your house, what's one of the first things they notice? Your roof is large, very visible, and easy to see at a distance before other details become clear. That's why it's an important focal point for house fronts, and deserves plenty of attention.

If your roof has any moss growing on it, it's time to clean it off – moss, needle piles, and similar growths can make a roof look worn down and in need of repair, plus raising the potential for moisture damage. If there are any shingles missing, arrange to have them replaced. If there are stains on your roof caused by spreading algae or other problems, talk to a roofer about cleaning these spots as well: Roof cleaning formulas are designed to help remove stains like these and restore your rooftop's appearance for an instant curb appeal upgrade.

2. Clean Up Shrubs and Tree Branches to Reveal Your House

Overgrown shrubs, bushes, and trees could be hiding your house. Trim those shrubs down and clean up your trees to help improve the view and give your front yard new life.

Sometimes, trees or shrubs could be blocking important aspects of your house, like beautiful windows, a welcoming view of the backyard, or a porch feature. If they are too close to the walls or roof of the house, they could also be fire hazards.

In these cases, it may be a smart move to remove the shrub or tree altogether. If you are looking for colonial home landscaping ideas, this is an even better idea, as it really helps those beautiful white columns to stand out on their own.

3. Choose Vivid Colors for Your Front Door and Accents

One of the best ways of adding character to a plain house exterior is to rethink your door and trim. Modern curb appeal favors doors with bold, bright colors like red, orange, pink, and blue. This highlights the entrance to your home while complementing nearby colors – plus, it's a very affordable project compared to the impact it has. Once you have picked a color, think about using that for other accents around your entrance, too.

4. Add Planters, Pots, and Décor to Your Porch

Looking for landscaping ideas for the front of your house with a porch? Give it some life with hanging planters, flower boxes, pots, and more. This provides plenty of opportunities to plant flowers, vines, or potted shrubs that can transform the entrance of the house. Pick plants according to your climate, and don't be afraid to stick to evergreens if you don't want to wait for perennials to go into bloom.

If your porch is largely empty, brighten it up with outdoor seating like a wicker sofa or other seating. From there, it's much easier to add other décor like a weather-resistant throw, wall art for a blank space by your door, a welcoming wreath, a charming doormat…and more. Before you know it, you'll have turned your porch into one of the most inviting areas in your home!

5. Install Cozy Landscape Lighting

Decorating the front of your house isn't just about plants and colors – lighting is also an important factor, especially for anyone seeing your house as evening sets in. Look for beautiful low-voltage or solar-powered lighting options for your porch, the patio in front of your house, your walkway, and nearby flower bds. There are some stunning lantern-style landscape lights that will really help wow visitors, along with more subtle lights for accents or safety.

6. Tidy Up Those Flower Beds

We've mentioned front yard flower beds a couple of times, but now we want to emphasize them: These eye-catching flower beds are another important focal point and deserve plenty of care. Clean out deadheads, take out any weeds, and sharpen up the borders to ensure they look stunning. A new layer of mulch, bark, or soil can also drastically improve flower bed appearance, as can new borders of brick or stone.

7. Reinvent Your Mailbox

Your mailbox may be one of the first things newcomers see. If your mailbox feels a little boring, it's time to spruce it up: Look for a charming new mailbox, or give your old box a new coat of paint that matches your home. Decorate it with a small garden, water feature, or other simple landscaping. This is also a great time to think about upgrading your house number materials if you have the time!

8. Clean Your Exterior Walls and Walkways

Over time, dust and grime can build up on walls, pavement, and stones around your house. A pressure-washing session is a great way to clean and brighten all these areas, removing years of dirt while providing a fresh, clean look.

9. Add Fencing to Unsightly Areas

Sometimes the front of a home has problem spots, like an outdoor AC unit, or the place where you keep trash cans, etc. Affordable fencing, panels, and even fake hedges are easy ways to hide these zones while still giving them the clearance they need.

10. Install Smart Security

Not all curb appeal is just about decoration. Visitors especially homebuyers will also be impressed by technology – if they see a video doorbell installed or a smart security cam on the porch, they'll know the home is protected with the latest tech. That counts for a lot to those looking for value-adding features!

Looking for new ideas, or considering home designs? Take a minute to chat with us at Lancia Homes! We are happy to answer questions and help you find the right plans.