10 Tips to Create a Summer-Ready Patio


The days are longer, brighter, and warmer. Summer is here and that means you’re going to be spending much more time outdoors and utilizing your patio space. Your patio is a great place to entertain, relax, and add some curb appeal to your home. In fact, a patio can increase the value of your home by at least 8%.

10 Tips to Create a Summer-Ready Patio

Whether you’re thinking of sprucing up your patio to boost your home’s value or creating an outdoor oasis for your personal enjoyment, we’ll go over everything you need to do to ensure that your patio is ready for summer.

How to Create a Summer-Ready Patio

From cleaning up, to redecorating, to busting out the grill, these are our top ten tips to create a summer-ready patio:

1. Pressure Wash Everything

First, start off with pressure washing everything. The patio itself, your furniture, windows, and the walls. Pressure washing removes all the dirt and grime that built up over the months your patio wasn’t being used. When you clean your windows, you improve the aesthetic inside your home and allow more natural light to flow in.

2. Check for Repairs

After you pressure wash, you can see if there are any places that need repair work done. This includes old, chipped paint, broken screens, areas in your fence that might be broken, etc. This also provides a good opportunity to stain any wood that you have on your patio. Staining wood annually or bi-annually helps to prolong its life.

3. Replace Old Furniture

This might be the year that it’s finally time to replace your old, worn-out patio furniture. White outdoor furniture is always a great idea because white provides a nice neutral pallet to build from. You can get bold rugs or accent pillows to make a statement. And don’t forget to invest in some quality front porch seating options as well as back porch seating too.

4. Hang Ambient Lighting

Strategically hang ambient lighting around your patio and yard. This helps set the tone and ambiance of your patio area and allows you to spend more time outdoors long after the sun has gone down. You can invest in string lights, fairy lights to hang in your trees, or spotlights to light a pathway.

5. Add Some Greenery

Whether you have an expansive yard accompanying your patio or not, you can never have enough greenery and natural touches. Some fun patio wall ideas include painting a mural, creating a vintage art wall, installing a water wall, or creating a living plant wall and planting Boston ivy or Virginia creeper, both of which are self-clinging and aren’t invasive roots, like English ivy.

6. Add a Fan

The summer months can get hot. Keep your patio cooler by installing a fan. Not only will an outdoor fan allow you to spend even more time outdoors, but it also provides air circulation, ambiance, and extra lighting.

7. Make Space for Dining

When planning for your new outdoor furniture, make sure to include ample space for dining. Here are some backyard seating ideas. It’s nice to have couches and lounge chairs out back as well as a table to set your food down on. Pro tip: Invest in some aluminum furniture. It’s lightweight and durable and can always be jazzed up with some bold seat cushions and tablecloths.

8. Get a Firepit

Want to go camping without leaving the comfort of your home? Get a firepit! You can roast marshmallows for s’mores and tell ghost stories around the fire. Firepits are also great for the occasional chilly evenings.

9. Create Shade

If your patio isn’t covered, add some coverage to provide a little bit of shade. You can plant trees, get oversized umbrellas, build a canopy covering, or invest in a fabric canopy.

10. Pull Out the Grill

And last, but certainly not least, pull out your grill. No summer-ready patio is complete without a grill. Whether it's brats and burgers or veggie kababs, cooking out on the grill is a staple summer activity.

Summer is by far one of the best times of the year, and one of our favorite times to entertain family and friends at home. Make sure that your patio is summer-ready by following our top ten tips so that you can start enjoying summer right away! Here at Lancia Homes, we want to help you make your patio the best it can be. Contact us today!