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After the move is done, the boxes finally unpacked, and the empty closets filled, every (new homeowner) reaches a point where they realize they are

Purple and White Modern Wallpaper Design on Section of Bedroom

Wallpaper is a creative way to bring color and texture into your home. The best custom home design in Fort Wayne, IN, goes beyond construction. What truly makes a home one-of-a-kind is its décor.


Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Right now, there are several benefits to choosing to invest in one of the multifamily homes for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. Here are five of the top reasons to buy a multifamily home.


With so many available plans from new home builders, it can be difficult to figure out which house plan is right for you and your family. To get the home you want, it’s important to communicate with custom home builders, and this requires having a good idea of what features you want in your new home. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect house plan.


If you ever want to build your own custom home, you will probably find yourself taking a long, hard look at the new home construction plans drafted by your builder. These plans provide a blueprint for what your home will look like when constructed, and they can give you an opportunity to approve the floor plans and request changes to bring the proposed home even closer to the home of your dreams.


If you're looking for a home construction company to build your next dream home, it's helpful to start your search with your local home builders' association—especially if you want to work with a contractor whose workmanship and business practices you can trust.

Woman Re-Caulking Window

The first signs of cold weather will get you thinking about preparing your house for the winter. Once the temperatures begin to fall, your energy costs will start to rise as you use more of it to maintain a warm and comfortable indoor climate.