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For some people, visiting opening houses is a hobby, whether or not they are in the market or planning on buying a home soon. Others only check out open houses when they think it's likely they'll put in an offer soon. If you're considering buying a custom home in Fort Wayne or New Haven, Indiana, it can make sense to check out a few open houses first so that you can see what's available and what a custom home looks like in real life.

If you're planning on buying a new home, the odds are very likely that you'll need to get financing to afford the purchase. Although some home buyers pay in cash, it's much more common for people to take out a mortgage when buying. Eighty-six percent of buyers financed their purchase in 2018, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Colorful Front Door

You want to buy a single-family home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. It has all the amenities you need, and its architecture reflects your personality, but there's one thing amiss. It doesn't feel welcoming. Don't worry! There's a simple way you can change it up.

Scheduling a home inspection and including an inspection contingency in your contract when you're buying a pre-existing home makes sense. You don't want to end up having to pay for extensive and expensive repairs soon after you become a homeowner. 

But if you're buying a new, custom home, should you still consider an inspection? All signs point to yes and reputable home builders in Fort Wayne, Indiana are likely to encourage you to get an inspection, even on a brand-new property. Here's what an inspector will look for and how they can help you protect your investment.

gas stove top

Many common household appliances run on either natural gas or electricity.

kitchen counter

Your kitchen countertop plays an integral role in your home; it’s the place where all your meals are prepped and served, and your c

2022 pantone

Every year, experts in color announce their chosen color of the year, which symbolizes and captures the current time.

plant decor

Trends in many spaces — fashion, music, literature, and art — are constantly changing.

a person changing a light bulb on a light fixture

One of your home’s most important and underrated features is its lighting.