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kitchen counter

Your kitchen countertop plays an integral role in your home; it’s the place where all your meals are prepped and served, and your c

2022 pantone

Every year, experts in color announce their chosen color of the year, which symbolizes and captures the current time.

plant decor

Trends in many spaces — fashion, music, literature, and art — are constantly changing.

a person changing a light bulb on a light fixture

One of your home’s most important and underrated features is its lighting.


How is a new or significantly remodeled house financed before construction has begin?

If you decide to sell your home, consider having an open house to let potential buyers take a live tour. There are four main benefits of having an open house for the home you plan to sell. 

Fort Wyane, Indiana panorama of the skyline

Is your family considering moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana? There are plenty of things to think and worry about in such a major transition, but we’re going to point out ten reasons why this Midwestern spot is a great place to call home.