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Which room in your home sees the most use? If you guessed the bathroom, you'd be right. It's likely that you and everyone else in your household use the bathrooms several times a day. It's the room where people bathe, brush their teeth, and generally get ready for the day. It can also act as storage for dirty laundry, cleaning products, and personal care products. 



Looking to buy a home for your family? It may be time to examine the local subdivisions to find the perfect community for you. For those looking at buying new real estate, who are asking themselves “Are there subdivisions near me or close by to where my kids want to go to school?”, take a moment to get acquainted with the layout of Fort Wayne as well as some of the more popular communities located here.

There's more to buying a custom home than choosing the right floor plan for your needs and working with the best home contractors in Fort Wayne, IN. You also want to choose the right community for your new home. 

You know what they say about buying a house, it's all about location, location, location. Each new home community has its own set of rules and its own unique features. As you narrow down your choices, here's what to keep at the front of your mind.

Gray House

When looking at homes for sale in Dekalb County, IN, most people consider single-family homes. However, they might not know what constitutes a single-family home. There are specific characteristics that define a single-family home. There are also some key benefits to these types of homes. Read on to learn more.